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Gangway Test Bags

Load tests of Gangway and Accomodation ladders can be performed by using Proofload's Gangway Test Bag Systems. These bags have been specially designed to simulate the weight of 75 kg on each step. The inclination of these gangways are sometimes set to 55 degrees to the horizontal, and than loaded with our special gangway bags. Due to the risk and dangers of performing these load tests, the Engineer is always strapped onto the railing of the vessel with an safety harness, and one engineer is operating the water control manifold.

The standard Gangway Test Bag System has a capacity of 5 Metric Ton and is an safe and easy to use system for load testing both Gangways and Accommodation ladders. The safety advantage of the system is that it eliminates the need of entering the gangway during an overload test.

Gangway Bags Test System

Gangway Test System.pdf

Gangway Bags Test System Operating Instructions

Gangway Bags Manual.pdf

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